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Hi, I’m Siobhan, founder of Shiv Textiles, an independent studio based in Brighton. Since launching in 2018, my business has blossomed from its offering of sustainable woven textiles. Today, alongside ethical homewares and lifestyle accessories, I invite people to join me for courses and workshops on the art of weaving.


I’m committed to breathing new life into this traditional craft – and it’s for this reason my studio seeks to build a future in which small businesses can thrive alongside large manufacturing companies, while minimising the environmental impact of production.

It’s my goal to make Shiv Textiles 100% zero waste, but I want to show that sustainable products needn’t be boring. By honouring materials’ lifecycle and putting a modern spin on age-old techniques, my products present a promising future for British textiles.





Phase 1


Waste materials from British mills are rescued from going to landfill.


Phase 2


These materials are sent to Shiv Textiles, ready to be upcycled.

Phase 3


Product designs are adapted and leftovers used in weaving workshops.

Phase 4


Sustainable homewares and accessories look as good as they make customers feel.


Products are designed, woven, sewn and finished in Brighton from the finest of deadstock and upcycled materials. 

Woven fabric designs are sampled using an 8 to 16 shaft table loom and a 4 shaft Leclerc Colonial floor loom. Choose fabrics are developed further and manufactured using a Dornier rapier loom,  all in Brighton! Some of the fabrics are hand-washed with great care and sometimes felted for a beautiful finish. All products are hand-sewn, checked, labeled and packed in Brighton, East Sussex.

We Create Unique Handwoven Designs To Inspire The Interior & Fashion Market. 

We use a mixture of different fibres and colours, matched with traditional and innovative weaving techniques to produce trend-led seasonal collections of experimental handwoven fabric samples. These unique designs can be used as fabric development, trend research and textile inspiration. Our contemporary designs come in a range of different styles and weights which are suitable for the womenswear, menswear, interior, couture and Ready-to-wear market. 




My journey began as an intern within the textiles and fashion industry whilst studying at the University of Brighton. I saw the amount of waste that was left behind and knew I had to start designing in a different way.


I started contacting British mills & factories and buying their deadstock by the kg, this includes yarns, zips, threads, leather and buttons. This way of creating products never gets boring as you have to think on your feet and design with what you have. Every box of up-cycled materials that lands in my studio is a small personal victory to me.


The materials that I receive are used in my weaving workshops and to create handwoven cushions, blankets and scarves. Any leftover fabric from these products gets turned into purses and pouches making us an entirely zero-waste company! I want to change the perceptions of upcycled and sustainable products have to be beige and boring. I want to honour the beauty of the fabric by educating customers about their origin. I do this by celebrating their unique worth in both my products and during my workshop.

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Building connections with both my local community in East Sussex as well as the wider textiles and fashion industry has always been important to me. 

I want to introduce you to weaving, to why I love it so much and how you can enjoy the craft too. My gift to my community is producing locally while inspiring, educating, and investing in creative community-driven craft workshops. I hope that by highlighting the process behind fabric production will help you to value your clothing and textiles more than ever. Buying with thought and care has never felt so important; we need to respect the people who make our garments and adopt shopping habits that reduce our impact on planet Earth. 

Another reason I want to share my love of weaving is the positive effect it can have on mental wellbeing. Crafting has been proven to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, loneliness and even dementia. Embracing a craft – be it weaving or another art – can be a great way to meet other creative souls. 

You can be part of our community by joining me on a workshop online or in people. Following me on Instagram as @shiv_textiles or sign up to my newsletter. Shopping small and independent when you can and supporting local business, makers & artists no matter where you are. 






Rodhus Creative Studio,

16-30 Hollingdean Road, 

Brighton, East Sussex



Monday - Friday 10:00 - 4:00


Please contact us for

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