Rodhus Open Day!

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Like an artistic jack in the box, Rodhus Studios will be throwing open its doors on the 1st of December to showcase the artists, makers and designers who call it their creative home. With over thirty different independent studios it’s the perfect opportunity to buy a gift for a loved one whilst supporting a local business. Plus it's getting chilly and there will be mulled wine and fantastic vegan food to warm your festive heart.

Rodhus Studios is Shiv’s textiles home and the studio space holds a special significance and importance for Shiv, to find out more about this studio and its background you can follow the link below and to the website.

Rodhus' walls have bared witness to the creation of all of Shiv's unique designs and has become somewhat of a second home. Shiv remains one of the youngest members of the Rodhus community and has found it a huge source of inspiration to be surrounded by a number of expanding business and freelance creatives who have moved their passions into careers. Below Shiv explores why this space has been so fundamental in day to day life of her company.

Working from home wasn't working for me, I wanted more of a work-life balance. When I was working from home, I felt very isolated, I could go days on end where the only person I would see would be my boyfriend. My first studio was located in a large warehouse in Hove, with only a couple of other people. It was used mainly for storage for businesses, it was extremely cold and a little too far out of town for convenience. The worst part about it was that it lacked any sense of community, there wasn't a creative vibe. From there I moved to an office space in Hove, a little closer to the city centre. However, this too didn't feel like home, the space had too much of a corporate feel, the walls were extremely white and the carpet was slightly too perfect. I kept bombarding Richard at Rodhus with email after email, until finally in April 2018 I was able to move into a shared space at Rodhus with Megan a fashion designer and owner of BabyDol Clothing. Everything I was looking for I found. My business had finally found its creative home. This space is perfect for networking, there is a real sense of community which fosters creativity and innovation. You get to explore and experience a wide range of talents as everyone's passions are so varied. Due to this, there are so many fantastic opportunities for collaborations, for example Luke from Laser Swift used his skills and laser cutter in order to produce my weaving frames for my workshops, Tom from Steady On Design made me a peg board to display my purses on for fairs and shows. I will also be using Lily Rigby’s paintings and Spark and Bell lighting in freelance interior design projects that I will be running in 2019. Also, that possibility to share equipment is an invaluable resource. It is a very affordable home for my business.”

Why not stop by for a look around and be inspired by some very creative and talented people!

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