The First of Many

It started, as most good stories do, with a weaving workshop. After meeting through a mutual friend, I attended Shiv’s first workshop at Rodhus studios. Here I fell equally in love with the art of weaving and Shiv textiles founder Siobhan. I am still unsure if it was Shiv’s values or passions that first lead me to accepting a collaborative offer to create a blog for the site, but here I am three weeks later ready to give an insight into what we want to achieve with these fortnightly musings.

Shiv approached me with a wealth of knowledge and ideas that she wanted to present through the blog and although I am myself no weaver; I felt our mutual appreciation of independent businesses, sustainable and ethical values, understanding of modern day mental health issues and a passion for the creative, married together perfectly. Each week we hope to inspire you with; interior design tips, lifestyle posts, weaving skills, freelance advice, ideas on how to push forward with your own independent business and the importance of supporting other small businesses along the way.

Shiv has served her time, freelancing and interning at a number of fashion houses and interior design businesses and then moved organically, but by no means simply, to creating and nurturing her own brand and independent business. As the creator, designer and producer or every product available, she has built a business that embodies the creative world and turned a passion into a business. The brand prides itself on providing high quality, handmade and unique sustainable products.

Now a little about me, my name is Carmen and I will be putting finger to keyboard in order to deliver Shiv’s knowledge. I work for a charity Monday – Thursday, then spend my weekends and evenings freelance writing for projects of my choosing. As I have a full-time role; providing me with money to stay alive, I have the luxury of being able to hand pick my projects and I try to do so with a little thought. It is always important for me to collaborate with other artists who ethically and morally reflect my values. Sustainable products, in my mind, need to be pushed to the forefront of the consumer market as we no longer as a planet can support anything else. With a strong ethical conscious and a mutual understanding of the mental health benefits that the creative world can provide, I felt in Shiv, I have met a kindred spirit.

If there is anything you would like us to cover in the blog please do get in contact as the blog is for you. So, join us every two weeks where we hope to inspire, advise, educate and hopefully make you smile.

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