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Why I am a religious secondhand shopper...

Today I want to talk to you about how shopping secondhand on platforms like eBay, Vinted, and Depop has completely changed my shopping habits. For almost 15 years now, I have been religiously shopping on eBay for everything from clothes to furniture. One of my first proudest purchases was a pair of heels I wore to my prom when I was 16! Since then, my partner Max and I have almost exclusively shopped secondhand via eBay, with 90% of my wardrobe and 70% of my furniture being from there. I’ve even found yarn and fabric suppliers on eBay, who I now work directly with.

Not only has it saved me money, but it has also contributed to an eco-friendly and sustainable way of shopping. In today's world, sustainability has become one of the most pressing issues that we all need to address. Fast fashion brands produce clothes at an alarming rate with cheap materials that are often thrown away after only a few wears. Moreover, the production process and transport of these clothes generate a significant amount of CO2 emissions, contributing to climate change.

But what can we do to mitigate the negative impact of fast fashion? The solution is simple: shopping secondhand. eBay, Vinted, and Depop all offer extensive ranges of used products, from clothes and shoes to furniture and electronics. Shopping secondhand on eBay is more than just a way to reduce waste and save money. It's a lifestyle for some people, and it can be a fun way to express your creativity.

One of the many benefits of shopping secondhand on eBay is that you can find items from your favourite brands that are no longer in production. This is a significant advantage for those looking to purchase things that they missed out on buying when they were first released. Additionally, other platforms like Vinted and Depop offer a great selection of trendy secondhand clothing and accessories for those who like staying on top of the latest fashion trends.

Big brands have also realised the value of eBay, and many now use it to sell their overstock products through their own outlet stores on the platform. This means that you can find great deals on brand-new items that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Not convinced yet? Let me tell you a little bit more about how shopping secondhand on eBay has changed my life. The money I've saved from shopping secondhand has allowed me to splurge on life events, vacations, and even starting my own business, all while also supporting and shopping independent brands. Max and I recently scored a great deal on a nearly brand new velvet blue sofa for just £100, which we picked up from a house just a couple of roads up! I’ll be covering it with my textile creations to make my living room come to life!

Shopping secondhand is a fun, cost-effective, and eco-friendly way to consume. With platforms like eBay, Vinted, and Depop at our fingertips, there is no reason why we cannot make an impact in our own small way towards a better future. So, why not give it a try? You never know what unique finds you may come across!

Happy shopping!


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