Voucher - Friends Who Weave - Beginners Weaving Workshop - Brighton

Voucher - Friends Who Weave - Beginners Weaving Workshop - Brighton

Friends Who Weave Together Stay Together... 


Come learn how to weave with your best friend!


Why don't you and your best friend try out a new hobby?


It's the perfect time to embrace something new! Weaving is the perfect new hobby to do at home, in the park and on the beach or even on the train.


You will learn the basics of weaving during a 3-hour workshop with Siobhan,  the founder of Shiv Textiles, a Brighton-based sustainable textiles studio.

Create your own wonderful woven wall hanging in this beginner's class. Working on a small handheld frame loom, you'll learn how to start and finish weaves, explore different fibres and craft a range of simple and effective techniques. 


Using your hands to create something is super important even more so in this modern age, when everyone is working on computers or are on their phones. Research shows that making things with your hand is great for decreasing stress, relieving anxiety and improving mental.

Book now and discover the art of weaving!


Up and coming Workshops:

Saturday 17th August 2019
Saturday 14th September 2019  


Time: 1pm - 4pm 



ShivTextiles - Rodhus Creative Studios

16-30 Hollingdean Road 




This price includes your materials, Siobhan's teaching skills, a glass of bubbly and an endless amount of tea and coffee for 2 people.


"I went to Shiv’s weaving workshops this weekend and what a treat! It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Shiv was very patient and knowledgeable. I am a complete novice, and the experience gave me a better understanding and appreciation for the fabrics we use every day and the skill involved in making our favourite clothes. I would highly recommend taking an afternoon to learn a new skill and be surrounded by like-minded individuals!" Lindsey Marr, 22/10/18


Looking for group/party bookings? 

Drop me an email - Hello@shivtextiles.co.uk 

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