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These one-of-a-kind accessories are woven on a hand-painted silk warp. Inspired by heritage plaid; which refers to patterns inspired by Scottish “tartan” & "checks". Playing around with crossed horizontal and vertical lines in multiple colours in different tones/shades; but unlike a traditional tartan, I didn't want the plaids to be perfectly even. Meaning the vertical striped warp didn't have to match the horizontal stripes in the weft. Combining traditional techniques with a modern twist to create a fresh more tactile lightweight and playful tartan scarves which could be worn as a neck scarf or bandana. 


Material: 95% Silk, 5% Synthetic; all material rescued from landfill

Dimensions: W: 65cm x L: 72cm

Instructions: Dry clean only 


Handwoven in Brighton 

Maeve Handwoven Silk Scarf

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