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Handmade in the UK
Est. 2018

Product Story 


This unique pouch was jacquard woven, inspired by traditational wallpaper patterns matched with computer glitching techniques. 

With a handy up-cycled leather wrist strap sourced from a highend leather factory in London.


Slip it into your bag and tote it with you, prefect for keeping your valuables in one place whilst traveling or makeup / toiletry bag.

Woven, sewn and finished in Brighton, UK. 

Material: Cotton: 50% Nylon: 50%
Dimensions: Width: 22cm, Length: 13cm 

Care Instruction: Hand wash / Dry Clean.




Woven, Sewn and Finished In Brighton, UK.


Mix Cotton & Nylon

Country of Origin - MADE IN BRITAIN 
Purse/Pouch Type - Pencil Case /  Pouches 
Shape - Rectangular
Material Type - Jacquard
Dimensions - L13 x W22cm

Sinead Pouch L13 x W22cm



    Hand washes…


    • Use warm water, not hot (30°C).
    • Never use biological washing detergent.
    • Never use bleaches.


    Quick tips on drying wool

    • Pull gently into shape after washing by hand. 
    • Dry flat on a clean towel.
    • Never tumble dry.
    • Never dry on a radiator.


    Dry cleaning…

    All our Products can be dry-cleaned. Most high street dry-cleaners should be able to offer this service.