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Handmade in the UK
Est. 2018

Making Process & Production 

Products are designed, woven, sewn and finished in Brighton. 

I use high-quality yarns which are up-cycled and sourced from across the British Isles from mills and factories. Supplier range from Woven Studios, Vanners Silk Weavers, Harris Tweed, Linton Tweeds and Fairfield Yarns.


Woven fabric designs are sampled using an 8 to 16 shaft table loom and a 4 shaft Leclerc Colonial floor loom. Choose fabrics are developed further and manufactured using a Dornier rapier loom,  all in Brighton!


Some of the fabrics are hand-washed with great care and sometimes felted for a beautiful finish. All products are hand-sewn, checked, labeled and packed in Brighton, East Sussex.



The fashion & textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world. Now in 2019, we must all be environmentally responsible in this ‘throwaway’ culture, which has been created by high street chains and consumerism. 

Large quantities of waste have a negative effect on the environment. 90% of raw materials used in manufacturing become waste before the product goes to retail. 80% of the products made are thrown away in the first 6 months of purchasing. 

Experimenting with different materials that are upcycled from redundant yarns/deadstock from the professional industry allows me to adopt an urban local supply chain as well as creating a unique collection of products that are limited and exclusive. 

Creating products & designs that reduce waste and look beautiful is super important to me. I love thinking of ways to create innovative and unique designs that minimise textiles waste. It is inspiring having the opportunity to create something from recycled material of post-consumer waste.



A traditional craft skill at a weaving workshop

"What fun! All those lovely yarns and lovelier people & a warm welcome from Shiv... and I came home with a new skill as well as my own little hanging to show for it: warm and fuzzy all round! Highly recommended"

Liza Kirwan - 22/11/18