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Time for a new hobby? It's the perfect time to embrace something new! 

Learn the basics of weaving during a 3-hour workshop with Siobhan of Shiv Textiles and a visiting lecturer of woven textiles at the University of Brighton. 

Create your own wonderful wall hanging in these beginner's classes. Working on a small handheld frame loom, you'll learn how to start and finish weaves, explore different fibres and craft a range of simple and effective techniques. 

Book now and discover the art of weaving! 

All workshops have been canceled due to COVID-19. 

Vouchers are still available! 

"My wife and I spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon together at one of Shiv’s weaving workshops recently. With our portable looms, Shiv guided and inspired us to experiment with colour and texture to make our own woven wall hangings. The time spent was relaxed and fun with tea, coffee, biscuits and chat while we got our heads and fingers around the 3D concept of this ancient craft. We opted to buy our own weaving kits and Shiv sent us on our way loaded with extra yarn and weaving ideas for later."


 Steven Haw - 6 months age

"I went to Shiv’s weaving workshops this weekend and what a treat! I was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Shiv was very patient and knowledgeable. I am a complete novice, and the experience gave me a better understanding and appreciation for the fabrics we use everyday and the skill involved in making our favourite clothes. I would highly recommend taking an afternoon to learn a new skill and be surrounded by like minded individuals!"

Lindsey Marr, 22/10/18



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