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Free Festive Weaving Patterns Await!


Unlock your creative spirit with our exclusive extra weft weaving patterns—designed with a sprinkle of holiday magic! 


Christmas Trees Galore:

Whether you're a fan of traditional evergreens or whimsical modern designs, we've got two Christmas tree patterns waiting for your loom.


Sweet Candy Canes:

Add a touch of sweetness to your weaving with these adorable candy cane patterns. Perfect for festive flair!


Cosy Stockings:

Weave your way into the holiday spirit with charming stocking designs, a festive must-have!


Simply click the button below to download your free weaving patterns and infuse your creations with the joy of the season. 

Christmas Weave Draft Pattern

    Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 12.43.09.png

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