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Weaving Workshops & Kits

Learn the basics of weaving during a 3-hour workshop. Create your own wonderful wall hanging in these beginner's classes & kits. Working on a small handheld frame loom, you'll learn how to start and finish weaves, explore different upcycled fibres and craft a range of simple and effective techniques. 

Can't make it to a workshop? Don't worry you can weave from the comfort of your own home. My craft kits have been designed to inspire and help get your creative juices flowing, whether you’re embarking on a new hobby or looking to hone your skills. Some aspects of woven textiles can appear tricky to get your head around, so you will have a beautifully illustrated instruction booklet to guide you on your weaving journey. You will also get a range of unique yarns that have all

been upcycled from British mills.  

Book now or pre-order my new and improved weaving kit!

All workshops have been canceled due to COVID-19. 

Vouchers are still available! We are hoping to reopen from August!

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