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We are on a mission to throw away our throwaway culture. 

Weaving pattern 8 shaft

What are sustainable textiles? 


We work with mills and factories across the UK, rescuing their deadstock materials destined for landfill – yarn, zips, selvedges, buttons and more – and handcrafting it into fine homewares, lifestyle accessories and sustainable weaving kits for you to give a new life at home.


Inspired by the rich textures of the modern world, we use natural fibres to put a contemporary spin on traditional weaving techniques. Instead of following trends, our cushions and throws, scarves and purses are designed to transcend the seasons and made to last. Sustainability never goes out of style.


How do we make them? 


All products are designed, woven, sewn and finished by Siobhan in her Brighton studio. Most are handwoven 4 to 16 shaft loom, while fabric samples are developed further and woven on a Dornier Rapier loom. 


We work hard to make our supply chain as low-impact as possible. Our weaving kits laser cut locally from environmentally friendly plywood, while our cushions inners are made to order by a family-run business just outside of London. We offset our carbon footprint by supporting tree-planting programmes through Ecologi.

Shiv Textiles, Weaving workshop
Shiv Textiles, Sustainable textiles mill

Phase 1


Waste materials from British mills are rescued from going to landfill.

Shiv Textiles, Sustainable textiles mill

Phase 2


These materials are sent to Shiv Textiles, ready to be upcycled.

Shiv Textiles, Sustainable textiles mill

Phase 3


Product designs are adapted and leftovers used in weaving workshops.

Shiv Textiles, Sustainable textiles mill

Phase 4


Sustainable homewares and accessories look as good as they make customers feel.