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Brighton your day | Living in Brighton as a creative

Brighton, East Sussex, England. Located 47 miles south of London on the South Coast, this seaside resort definitely stands out amongst the rest.

Brighton is a magnet for those in the creative industries and is well known for that. Yes, the city is known for the iconic Pier and Pavilion but people also know it for its creativity and diversity. It’s not just the seagulls that flock here, it attracts creative people and artistic individuals. The city is there to welcome anyone in with open arms and help them along their creative journey.

It truly is unlike anywhere else.

It is hard to walk around the city and not feel inspired because there is art everywhere! Here are just a few reasons that Brighton is the best place to live as a creative person.

The city’s arts community is constantly evolving. Every May, Brighton hosts an annual Artists Open House event, where artists open up their homes and studios to the public, giving visitors a chance to see their work and even buy direct from the artist. It’s great if you want to know more about your favourite small arts business or if you’re just feeling nosy and want to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Sound good but you’re not in the city in May? Then don’t worry because there are numerous galleries and art spaces which showcase the work of local artists all year round! These are great places to visit for all art lovers.

Brighton boasts of being one of the most diverse cities in the UK. This unique blend of cultures, backgrounds and nationalities means that the city is constantly alive with buzz. There is activity from the arts, theatre, comedy and music scenes. There is always something going on, and it makes for an enjoyable place to live and create.

The Brighton Festival runs from Saturday 6th May to Sunday 28th May and is one of the leading arts festivals in the UK. It showcases all art forms so you’re bound to find something of interest to go check out!

As well as it being a hub of cultural activity, it's also just a beautiful place!

The beautiful beaches, seafront and picturesque lanes offer an endless source of inspiration to artists and creatives.

Located on the South coast of the UK it provides stunning views across the English Channel. It’s always worth heading to the beach to see the sunrise or sunset! In the winter months be sure to head down to the West Pier at sundown to witness the famous starling murmurations, they are always sure to draw a crowd.

If maybe the beach isn’t your thing then don’t worry because just on the doorstep is the South Downs National Park which provides the perfect opportunity for some peace and quiet or for outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling.

It is really no surprise that the city manages to attract so many creative individuals. It has a thriving community of like-minded individuals who come together to collaborate, innovate and inspire each other. With its relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, Brighton is an excellent place for creatives to network, develop skills and build their careers!

If you are a creative person looking for a place to call home, Brighton is the perfect spot for you.


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