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Happy Earth Day! Changes you can make around the home to help save the planet...

Today we come together to…..

With climate change looming over our heads, now more than ever we need to be prioritising sustainable living. Many people are looking for ways they can reduce their carbon footprint and fortunately, there are many simple things that you can do around the home to help save the planet.

Here are some easy tips to get you started:

1. Reduce your energy consumption

One of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions is energy consumption. You can easily reduce your energy consumption by turning off lights and electronics when they are not in use. You can also use energy-efficient appliances and unplug chargers when they are not being used.

2. Reduce water waste

Water is a precious resource. Wasting it not only puts a strain on the environment but also on your wallet. Simple steps like fixing leaky taps and taking shorter showers can help to save water.

3. Use environmentally friendly products

Many household products, such as cleaning supplies and toiletries, contain harmful chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Next time you are shopping make sure to look for eco-friendly products that are made with natural, biodegradable ingredients.

4. Recycle

Recycling is one of the most effective ways to reduce waste and conserve resources. You can easily set up a recycling system in your home and properly dispose of items like plastics, glass and paper.

5. Start and compost bin

Composting is not only a great way to reduce food waste but you can also create nutrient-rich soil for your garden! You can easily start a compost bin in your backyard or even on your balcony.

6. Plant a garden

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a great way of reducing your carbon footprint because it reduces the distance that your food has to travel. And it also provides you with fresh and healthy produce! Remember to use your soil from your compost when you are planting!

7. Use reusable bags and containers

Plastic bags and containers are a major contributor to waste and pollution. This can be easily solved by investing in reusable bags and containers which will help reduce your use of disposable items.

8. Support sustainable products and companies

When shopping for products, make sure to look for companies that prioritise sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. By supporting these companies you can help to create a demand for sustainable products.

By implementing these easy tips, you can help to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier and more sustainable planet.

Small changes can make a big impact, so start making some changes in your own home today!


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