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Happy International Plant Day

Bringing a new plant into your home is similar to getting a puppy. You’re bringing something living into your space that requires love and attention. Through nurturing and feeding them, you get to watch your plant baby grow up, filling your space with joy. And, they are much cheaper than puppies.

International Plant Appreciation Day was on April 13th! (Yes that is a real thing.) It is a day when people all over the globe express extra love and appreciation for their green oxygen machines.

Surely every day should be plant appreciation day, right?

House plants have become a staple for every home, and have so many benefits.

As well as just making spaces much more visually appealing, they also improve the air quality. That’s not the only health benefit that they have either. It’s a therapeutic process taking care of them and seeing them thrive under your care. Also, they provide a calming environment, therefore, reducing stress. They are great to have in your workspace and at home as well. Overall they are just great mood boosters! Just like how being outside has the power to improve your mood, filling your space with plants has the exact same effects.

From small cacti to huge monsteras, there is a plant out there for everyone and every space. If that doesn’t inspire you to go out and buy some plants then I don’t know what will!

But for those who maybe don’t want the responsibility of owning a plant or are still apprehensive then look no further than my Cactus Cushion. Much easier to care for than an actual plant, they are made from deadstock lambswool and backed with upcycled velvet. The green and gold colours contrasting with hot pinks, burnt oranges and sunshine yellows are sure to brighten up any space in your home and instantly boost your mood!

Plants have not only inspired and influenced our interior design choices, but they are also infiltrating our wardrobes. We are not wearing plants yet, but their colours and designs are predicted to be seen all over fashion in Autumn/Winter 24/25. Foliage-inspired prints, designs of potted plants and other home comforts, and bold shades of green are expected to be hitting the runway next year, so keep an eye out for those!

What sort of plants have you got in your space?


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