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Make Yourself Happy: Five Ways Crafts Can Boost Mental Health

Crafting is a powerful tool. It’s not just about the final product that you can make with a handful of materials, it’s also about the journey and the process that you go on to get there. It is not necessarily a linear process, it’s a learning process and it’s important to have fun along the way!

As well as crafts being an enjoyable way to spend your time, whether it’s a hobby or a career, it can also be incredibly beneficial to your well-being. So many studies have shown the link between improved mental well-being and increased time spent on arts and crafts.

Not convinced? Well here are 5 ways in which crafts can boost your mental health:

1. Crafting as an alternative to screens

In today's world, we are surrounded by technology and screens. While they have their benefits, excessive consumption of screens can often lead to fatigue, eye strain and feelings of anxiety. Crafting offers a valuable break from this routine, as it allows us to work with our hands, switch off digitally and focus on an alternative activity that can be just as stimulating.

2. Mindfulness and relaxation

Crafting forces us to be present and in the moment. Whether we are weaving, knitting, crocheting or painting we’re focused on what we’re doing and any other distracting thoughts fade away. This flow state of mindfulness has proven mental health benefits including reduction of anxiety and depression, lowering your heart rate and promoting relaxation.

3. A sense of accomplishment

As you create something from scratch, craft activities can provide a great sense of accomplishment. There is no better feeling than when you've finally finished a project! This sense of achievement can contribute to overall happiness and well-being, especially during times when your self-esteem may be low.

4. Social benefits

Crafting can be done alone or in a group, both of which have advantages. Crafting with other people can be a social experience that helps to combat loneliness and isolation. Engaging in a group activity can build friendships and provide a sense of belonging.

Here at Shiv Textiles, we put on beginner weaving workshops where you are able to weave your own wall hanging in the company of other newbies to the craft! It’s always a fun afternoon and you get the chance to meet fellow weavers and have a natter, so just check out the workshops page or our social media pages to hear about any coming up!

5. A break from routine

Sometimes we need a break from the regular routine to reduce stress levels. Crafting gives us an opportunity to immerse ourselves in something new, learn new skills and enjoy a different activity that can help clear our minds.

Overall, crafting is a great way of nurturing your mind and soul. Next time you are feeling stressed or anxious, try picking up a crafting project - it might just make all the difference. So

what activity has this inspired you to pick up?


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