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Navigating the Festive Frenzy: A Small Business Perspective

As the festive season approaches, the familiar hum of excitement is accompanied by the bustling chaos for small businesses – it's the Christmas rush! However, this dynamic landscape comes with its unique set of challenges, especially when contending with the colossal Black Friday sales that have transformed from a single-day to a weekend-long affair and now, a full Black Friday month.

For independent brands like Shiv Textiles, this period can feel like a tightrope walk. The squeeze is real, and the competition is fierce. Your unwavering support and dedication to shopping small during this festive season are not just appreciated but profoundly impactful. In a world where every purchase is a choice, your decision to support businesses like ours resonates deeply.

We acknowledge that, as customers, there might be a conscious effort to tighten purse strings, and we value every ounce of support you extend. It's crucial to recognize that even acquiring a single item from a small business can send ripples of positive change.

As we step into this Black Friday season, let's reevaluate our shopping habits and interactions with the commercial world. In the year 2022, Black Friday sales skyrocketed to a staggering £12.3 billion, with Amazon standing tall as the top retailer. However, it's essential to pause and consider that retail giants, while amassing colossal profits, sometimes evade taxes, and reports have surfaced about the less-than-ideal treatment of their staff.

Shopping small is not just a transaction; it's an investment in the preservation of our local high streets and a lifeline for small businesses striving to keep their doors open. It's a conscious choice to support the heart of communities and celebrate the uniqueness that independent businesses bring to the table.

So, as you embark on your festive shopping journey, consider the profound impact your choices can make. Choose to support the local, the unique, and the passionate. Your

contribution isn't just a sale; it's a recognition of the individuality and craftsmanship that defines small businesses like ours.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey and for choosing to make a difference this holiday season.

One purchase this Christmas from a small business makes a bigger impact than you think!


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