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Reflecting on 2023: Achievements, Near Misses, and Surprises

Hey, lovely readers! Siobhan here, reflecting on the rollercoaster ride that was 2023. As we step into the new year, I wanted to share the highs, the almost-there moments, and the unexpected victories with all of you.

What I Almost Achieved in 2023

  1. Hitting 3000 sales on Etsy: Oh, the Etsy hustle! While I didn't quite hit the 3000 mark, it felt exhilarating to come so close. Your support has been my driving force.

  1. Investing in new equipment:  A new laptop and loom were on the wishlist. Did I get them? Well, maybe this year. Fingers crossed for upgraded weaving adventures!

  1. Consistent Blogging: The intention was there, life had other plans. Juggling between threads and keyboards sometimes proved to be trickier than expected.

  1. Newsletter and Emails: Staying on top of newsletters and emails is an ongoing dance. Let's just say, some months I waltzed, others I stumbled. 

  1. Financial Wizardry: Numbers, numbers, numbers. Balancing the books had its highs and lows, but every ledger tells a story.

Wins of 2023

  1. Upcycling Marvel: A whopping 488kg of deadstock materials found new life in my creations. Sustainability wins, and the Earth gives a virtual high-five.

  1. Eco Warrior Alliances: Collaborating with new suppliers, making strides in reducing textiles waste. Small steps, big impact.

  1. The Birth of a Collection: Crafting a new collection of sustainable textiles was like weaving a dream. Each piece, a story; each thread, a memory.

  1. Sharing is Caring: Free downloadable patterns took flight, spreading the joy of weaving far and wide. Seeing your creations brings immense joy.

  1. Collective Magic: Collaborations with other creative minds and businesses birthed projects that sparkled with collective magic. Here's to more partnerships!

  1. Shiv Textiles' Heartbeat: Keeping the studio doors open and thriving wasn't just a business goal; it was a testament to resilience. Thank you for being part of this journey.

Unexpected Triumphs

  1. Vogue Recognition: Imagine my delight when a cushion of mine got featured in a Vogue article on sustainability. A pinch-me moment for sure!

  1. Brighton Pop-Up Premiere: Hosting my first pop-up event in Brighton was a milestone. Meeting you face-to-face was the real prize.

  1. Breathing Room: Taking time off wasn't a disaster. The Shiv Textiles world didn't crumble, proving that breaks are essential for both creativity and sanity.

  1. Lobster Cushion Delight: Who knew lobsters would steal hearts? Selling so many, especially with the sentimental touch, made my grandad proud from somewhere up there.

  1. Balancing Act: Juggling part-time work while keeping the creative flame alive felt like walking a tightrope. Surprisingly, it didn't lead to a fall.

  1. Goodbye Nail-Biting: A personal win - I kicked the nail-biting habit! A small victory with big implications for daily serenity.

As I weave into 2024, I carry the lessons, the joy, and the unexpected victories of 2023. Thank you for being part of this tapestry. Here's to more threads, more stories, and more shared moments in the loom of life.

Wishing you all a year filled with creativity, growth, and delightful surprises!

Love and threads,


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